What We Do

SFDO promotes innovative best practices,
modes of communication, deeper understanding
of sustainability, and practices to build up
sustainable food destinations.

We share knowledge, create solutions to common challenges and promote the practice of sustainable food destinations globally, in a pre-competitive environment.


Committees contribute to the efficient sectoral operation of SFDO.

They assist the Board of Directors in the decision-making process by providing needed information and they suggest courses of action per sector.


The Tourism Committee makes suggestions on matters related to tourism in the destination. It also updates on global challenges.

Food Production

The Committee examines the potential of destination for sustainable food farming, food sourcing and food manufacturing.

Local Communities

Local food production and tourism provide livelihoods for thousands of residents and farmers with their families around the destination.


SFDO operates in real or virtual interaction spaces, where stakeholders collaborate for creating new solutions to complex societal problems.
We built up networks that integrate both user-centered approaches and SFDO suggestions and solutions.


Have an overview of how certain activities are directed in order to achieve SFDO goals.


To see how we're putting this into practice, visit our work page for updates.

Sustainable Food Networks for the Benefit of Local Communities and Tourism Sector

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